Honours Students


Sylvia Harmon-Jones

Predicting fear across development

Sruti Alur

FGF2 and fear extinction in adolescence

Stacey Zhang

Neural mechanisms underlying infantile amnesia

August Gable

Extinction in female adolescent rats (supervised by Kathryn Baker)

Aqsa Shahid

The effect of diet on extinction in adolescence (supervised by Kathryn Baker)


Nadia Shnier

Biomarkers of individual differences in infantile amnesia

Verity Harris

The effect of D-cycloserine on the retention and renewal of fear extinction in adolescent rodents consuming a high fat and high sugar diet (supervised by Kathryn Baker)

Bhiravi Thambi

The effect of juvenile fear memory reactivation on extinction retention in adolescence (supervised by Kathryn Baker)


Gabi Tavella

Reducing Post-Extinction Renewal of Learned Fear.

Vivien Vuong

Role of Maternal Opiates in the Intergenerational Transmission of Stress.

Shanika Chandra

Individual Differences in Extinction and Re-Extinction of Learned Fear.

Anthea Stylianakis

Timing is Everything: Developmental differences in the effect of chronic stress on extinction retention in adolescent rats.
Supervised by Kathryn Baker.

Matthew Williams-Spooner

Would you like a side of anxiety with that? Western diets impair fear inhibition in adolescent rats.
Supervised by Kathryn Baker.


Madelyne Bisby

Neural mechanisms of fear extinction in adolescent rats.

Daniela Peiris

Maternal microbiome and the ontogeny of fear regulation in offspring.

Elliot Scott

Individual Differences In Fear Inhibition in Adult Rats: Relation to Meaures of Anxiety



2018 3rd year

Abigail Marcus

2017 3rd year

Sylvia Harmon-Jones

Sruti Alur (supervised by Kathryn Baker)

2016 3rd year

Lan Nguyen

2015 3rd year

Anthea Stylianakis

Dana Leidl


Summer Scholarship students


Anthea Stylianakis

Vivien Vuong

Dana Leidl


Claire MacNamara

Fear extinction in adolescence.

Metaxia Kokkinos

Fear extinction in adolescence.

Past PhD students

Diana Chan

Combined PhD/MA (Clinical), 2018

Thesis title – The effect of fluoxetine on anxiety-related behaviours during development

Gabrielle King

Combined PhD/MA (Clinical), 2018

Thesis title – Individual Differences in Rate of Extinction and Relapse

Caitlin Cowan

Combined PhD/MA (Clinical), 2017

Thesis title – Microorganisms to the Rescue: The use of a probiotic treatment to reduce developmental vulnerability in rats.

Janice Kan

Combined PhD/MA (Clinical), 2017

Thesis title – Ghosts of mother’s past: Examining the persistent effects of maternal stress on the mother and her subsequent infant rat offspring.

Miri Den

Combined PhD/MA (Clinical), 2015

Thesis title – A Unique Profile of Fear Conditioning and Extinction in Adolescent Rats and Humans.

Stella Li

PhD, 2012

Thesis title – Memory and Memory Loss in the Developing Rat.

Bridget Callaghan

Combined PhD/MA (Clinical), 2012

Thesis title –  Early-life stress and corticosterone exposure affect emotion learning in developing rats: A multiple generation effect.

Helen Tang

Combined PhD/MA (Clinical), 2011

Thesis title – The eye of the ostracised: Investigating changes in attention and affect following and during single- and multiple-episodes of ostracism and inclusion.

Nisha Sethi

Combined PhD/MA (Clinical), 2011

Thesis title – Ostracism hurts, but why for so long? The role of cognitive processes in prolonging the negative effects of ostracism

Bronwyn M. Graham

Combined PhD/MA (Clinical), 2010

Thesis title – Fibroblast Growth Factor 2: A Novel Enhancer of Memory

Julia M. Langton

Combined PhD/MA (Clinical), 2010

Thesis title – The Role of NMDA Receptors in the Extinction and Re-extinction of Pavlovian Fear Conditioning.

Elizabeth Mason

Combined PhD/MA (Clinical), 2010

Thesis title – Looking beyond Fear: The extinction of other emotions implicated in anxiety disorders.

Jee H. Kim

PhD, 2008

Thesis title – Extinction of Conditioned Fear in the Developing Rat.

Carol S. Yap

Combined PhD/MA (Clinical), 2006

Thesis title – An Analysis of Late-Developing Learning and Memory Systems in Rats: Fear-Potentiation of Startle and Context-Specific Latent Inhibition and Extinction.

Lisa Zadro

PhD, 2004

Thesis title – Ostracism: Empirical Studies Inspired by Real-World Experiences of Silence and Exclusion.

Elizabeth Woodcock

Combined PhD/MA (Clinical), 2004

Thesis title – Effects of environmental enrichment on fundamental cognitive processes in rats and humans.

Marianne Weber

PhD, 2003

Thesis title – A Developmental and Neural Analysis of Conditioned Fear in Rats.

Past MSc students

Andreas B. Storsve


Thesis title – The effects of US habituation on conditioned and unconditioned responding: A direct comparison with CS extinction.

Tania Duffield


Thesis title – Memory reactivation following extinction: The role of new learning.