Professor Rick Richardson

BA, MA, PhD, Kent State University, USA
(02) 9385 1048

I am the course co-ordinator for PSYC3241 (Psychobiology of Memory and Motivation) and also give lectures in PSYC1002 (First year Psychology – on animal learning).

Current Post-Doctoral Research Associates


Kathryn Baker

PhD, Monash University

DECRA project – Impaired fear inhibition in adolescence: An imbalance in the brain?

Kelsey Zimmermann

PhD, Emory

Developmental Analysis of CRH-projecting neurons after early life stress.

Current PhD students 

Caitlin Cowan

The effect of probiotics on fear retention in a rodent model of early-life stress

Diana Chan

The Effect of Prenatal Exposure to Fluoxetine on the Development of Fear Memory.

Janice Kan

Stress leaves a lasting mark on the mother: Investigating the effects of previous maternal separation on the dam and subsequent infant rat offspring.


Gabrielle King

Individual Differences in Extinction of Fear – Behaviour and Biomarkers.

Sarah Altmann

The Effect of Prenatal Stress on Social Development in Infant Rat Pups and their Mothers.


Nathalie Elliott

Examining developmental differences in fear generalisation after early life stress


Sarah Bae

PKMζ and the Maintenance of Fear Memories in Infancy.

Maddy Bisby

The role of the endocannabinoid system in fear extinction in adolescent rats.

Anthea Stylianakis

The effect of chronic stress on adolescent human and non-human behaviour, brain function, and genetic regulation



Current Honours students (2017)

Nadia Shnier

Biomarkers of individual differences in infantile amnesia

Verity Harris

The effect of D-cycloserine on the retention and renewal of fear extinction in adolescent rodents consuming a high fat and high sugar diet (supervised by Kathryn Baker)

Bhiravi Thambi

The effect of juvenile fear memory reactivation on extinction retention in adolescence (supervised by Kathryn Baker)